Friday, November 7, 2008

What does the President-elect think about Economic Security?

With the 2008 federal election cycle almost closed, the nation awaits the start of the 111th Congress and the inauguration of the first president to receive a majority of the popular vote since Jimmy Carter. But what do the numbers really tell us? The WOW PowerPoint found here offers a quick look at what the results, exit polls and other public research tells us in the context of supporting an agenda that creates viable, sustainable economic opportunities for all Americans, opportunities that offer financial stability and security and a clear path to achieving the American Dream.

I think we are pleased that the almost two-year presidential campaign season is over! Now it is time to really get to work on moving forward our economic security agenda. The EESI team is ready to get both President-elect Barack Obama and the 111th Congress on board to support our initiatives, so that elders can age in place with dignity and respect.

Here are the President-elect’s stance on our issues:

President-elect Barack Obama is committed to fighting economic insecurity. In his fact sheet, “Fighting Poverty and Creating a Bridge to the Middle Class”, he pledges to improve the American situation by:

1. Job Expansion and Creation
2. Income Expansion (such as the EITC)
3. Increasing the supply of affordable housing

Obama also has an agenda to address elder issues such as retirement and social security. His plan consists of key components such as:

1. Reform Corporate Bankruptcy Laws to Protect Workers and Retirees
2. Protecting Social Security by uncapping the full payroll tax of 12.4 percent for those making under $250,000.
3. Protect and Strengthen Medicare by reforming Medicare Part D.

Each of these agenda items work toward moving all people toward economic security and we are excited to get more involved with policy proposals and current legislation that when implemented will support our work, but more importantly support the lives of the elders we work for.

Despite the favorable agenda of the incoming President, there will still be a lot of work to do once the new Administration is installed to keep elder issues at the forefront of his and Congress’ agenda.We look forward to the challenge and hope you will join us in the effort.

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Jane2009 said...

These are all great intiatives...can't wait til the new president is inaugurated! America is coming back!!