Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Blog About It: Elder Economic Security" in Full Swing

It's the start of Older Americans Month, and we are beginning May with a day-long blogging event. Check out the videos below and participate by posting a comment!

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Kevin said...

Alisha- nice video!

I'm ready to blog about it!
1- Elder economic security to me means that the older generations have security when it comes to finances. They are able to afford basic needs and are given access to receive any necessary medical services.

2- For me to have a secure retirement, I would like to feel that I know I will have my basic needs covered and have some kind of insurance to rely on in case of any emergency. It would be nice to retire and not have to worry too much about emergencies messing up my finances too bad.

3- For a secure retirement, I think this is tough because of all of the latest economic trouble we have seen. I would like to have enough money to allow me to get by on my basic needs and be able to live comfortably.

4- The economy has affected my retirement because I am 22 so I am just about to get out into the working world and I have a much clearer idea about how I want to budget my money and where I want to invest it. The economy has impacted my own family as my step-mother was laid off and my grandparents lost a ton of money in their investments(these are just to name a few!).

Thanks again to you all for doing this!!! Keep up the good work! -Kev