Monday, August 17, 2009

Minnesota State Partner Lands Op-Ed!

Congrats to our Minnesota partner, the Minnesota Women's Consortium. Their op-ed is featured in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune and does a terrific job of explaining the Elder Economic Security Initiative!

Marie Nelson and Bonnie Watkins:
Older Women are Struggling in this State
Average incomes are near poverty, which is a poor measure to begin with.

When we talk about elder poverty, we're talking about our mothers and grandmothers. The generation of women now in retirement followed society's rules. They worked hard, usually as parents as well as employees. They saved money. Now, many live on Social Security and perhaps some personal savings or other income.

The average retirement income from all sources for Minnesota women is $12,691, compared with the average for Minnesota men of $24,041.The figure for women is only slightly above the federal poverty guidelines, set at $10,400 for a single person age 65 or older. Could you live on $10,400, or $12,691, this year?

For the complete article, CLICK HERE.

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