Friday, November 20, 2009

State Partners Visit Washington DC

Last week, the Elder Economic Security Initiative welcomed representatives from each of our twelve states (Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, and West Virginia) to Washington for the 2009 Elder Economic Security State Partner Summit. The summit featured a variety of workshops on topics including fundraising, coalition building, and federal policy priorities. Also, our state partners had the chance to be filmed discussing the Initiative in their state.

In addition to workshops, our partners spent time on the Hill and met with Senate Special Committee on Aging staffers to hear about their priorities in the coming year. Following the discussion, each representative visited their respective Senators’ offices to discuss the Elder Economic Security Initiative, legislation on the $250 Emergency Payment to Social Security beneficiaries (H.R. 2597 and S. 1685) and the inclusion of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act (H.R. 1721 and S. 697) in the final health care reform bill.

All in all, it was a successful event and provided an opportunity for our state partners to meet one another and share with one another successful strategies in implementing the Initiative. We thank our partners for a wonderful conference and look forward to bringing them back to DC next year!


Gayle Snyder (SeniorScenes) said...

I live in Virginia. Just started a blog: SeniorScenes with which I will follow people who are doing positive actions to help the growing senior population to maintain a healthy and productive life. I am 65, need to continue to earn an income, and am scared about the dark hole of Medicare. I want to follow what you are doing. Thanks.

The Elder Economic Security Team said...

Great to hear you have a blog, too! Thank you for the comment. The Center for Medicare Advocacy has some great resources on the solvency of Medicare and what is being done to strengthen the program. Have you checked into your local Area Agency on Aging? It can help you locate job opportunities in your area.

Kate White said...

The State Partners Visit to Washington was an excellent training event and we look forward to new states to join the Elder Economic Standard Security Initiative in 2010!