Friday, January 22, 2010

President Holds Intergenerational Conversation on MLK Day

This week, we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. The President and his Administration held an intergenerational conversation to mark the occasion, inviting to the White House both elders who participated in the Civil Rights Movement, and young Americans who benefited from their work.

See below for a video of the event.

WOW’s mission of creating economic security across the generations is achieved through our two national programs (the Family Economic Self-Sufficiency Project and the Elder Economic Security Initiative), and our local programs. Intergenerational conversations are a crucial step to effective change, because it allows for members of each generation to share their own experiences, begins to break down barriers of misunderstanding, and creates commonality between young and old.

WOW applauds the Administration for holding this particular conversation on such an important day, and we look forward to holding our own conversations about economic security across the generations, as part of our new Building Bridges Campaign. The Campaign will kick-off later this year and focuses on implementing key messaging and advocacy strategies to promote economic security for all.

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