Friday, January 28, 2011

Economic Progress?

Our Michigan partner, Elder Law of Michigan, discusses their priorities in the new year and the importance of programs and services in their state to  an elder's ability to age in place. 

A new year means new political leaders here in Michigan and new challenges and opportunities in carrying forth the elder economic security agenda at the state and community levels. Michigan’s state of the state address outlined the various challenges our state must work through to get back on track and strengthen our state economy. During these times, however, we must remember the plight of our seniors and not leave them behind as we strive for overall economic progress. 

As the lead state partner for the Michigan Elder Economic Security Initiative we aim to educate policy makers on the true cost of retiring in our state. In Michigan, a single elder renter needs $19,058 a year to make ends meet. Let’s not forget seniors received no cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to their Social Security benefits this year, nor an emergency payment to supplement the COLA freeze. Despite this, the costs of food, gasoline and other basic goods continue to rise.  

This adds to the increased necessity of funding state programs and services that help seniors age in place. Elder Law of Michigan’s priority is to provide older adults with trusted information and support with programs that aid in legal, financial and personal-security issues that enable older adults to live comfortably and independently in their homes as they age. Elder Law of Michigan strives to be the most trusted resource for adults to ensure that they are safe, informed and treated fairly.

We encourage you to join the fight for a secure retirement for all seniors in your community and across the state. For more information on how to get involved with the Michigan Elder Economic Security Initiative, e-mail Though times are tough, our voices must remain united and strong. Together, we can create real change this year and improve the economic security of our elder loved ones.

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