Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Many Thanks for a Great 2008!

We dedicate our last post of the year to our wonderful state partners in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin! We’re using this opportunity to spotlight some of the great successes and fabulous work underway in each of the states. To find out more about this exciting work, visit each state’s website at: http://www.wowonline.org/ourprograms/eesi/

California (Insight Center for Community Economic Development)… where our partner is working with the Women’s Policy Institute of the California Women’s Foundation to use the Elder Economic Security Initiative as a platform for innovative legislation recommending use of the Elder Index in state and regional strategic planning efforts and care management assessment protocols. More details to come!

Connecticut (Permanent Commission on the Status of Women)… where our partner was recently quoted in an CT AARP newsletter article, “Older Women Face Higher Risk of Poverty,” on how gender and pay inequality impact economic security for women over the life span.

Illinois (Health and Medicine Policy Research Group)… where our partner is taking a lead role alongside advocates across the state to expand access and address financial barriers to enrolling in the state’s home and community-based long term care program by revising the eligibility formula for the program’s sliding scale fees.

Massachusetts (Massachusetts Association of Older Americans, Inc.)… where our partner was named “Advocate of the Year” by the Massachusetts Councils on Aging! Bravo!

Michigan (Elder Law of Michigan, Inc.)… where our partner was awarded a grant from MI AARP to use the Elder Index as a tool for outreach to elders on vital income support programs, such as housing assistance and the Medicare Savings Programs.

Minnesota (Minnesota Women’s Consortium)… where our partner is leveraging technology to bring the Elder Economic Security Initiative to stakeholders across the state through e-communications, online surveys and statewide video conferences.

New Jersey (New Jersey Foundation for Aging)… where our partner is developing a comprehensive intergenerational framework for economic security through the Elder Economic Security Initiative and drawing upon the expertise of other key organizations, including the Rutgers Center for Women and Work and Legal Services of New Jersey.

Pennsylvania (PathWaysPA)… where our partner’s engagement with local service providers resulted in the Elder Index being used to determine income eligibility for senior social service programming of the United Way of Great Lehigh Valley.

Wisconsin (Wisconsin Women’s Network)… where our partner’s outreach efforts to local advocates resulted in proposals by county officials in Washburn and Pierce counties to increase energy assistance to low-income seniors. Great stuff!

This is just a sampling! Each state has accomplished so much this year in furthering the Elder Economic Security Initiative. We congratulate each state on their individual accomplishments and we look forward to working with each state in the New Year to continue the success of the Initiative.

Thanks so much you for all of your hard work! We anticipate many more exciting outcomes in 2009!

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