Friday, December 19, 2008

WOW Briefs Obama Transition Team

Wider Opportunities for Women was pleased to brief the Obama Transition Team Wednesday on issues specific to women, work, and families. Our Executive Director, Joan Kuriansky, and Reproductive Rights Coordinator Ann Kolker were both in attendance and below are Ann’s thoughts on the event.

"Amidst the flurry of briefing papers, sign-on letters, conference calls and late-night conversations that have pre-occupied WOW as we prepare for a new administration in January, one event stands out: WOW was asked by the head of outreach for the transition team to organize a briefing on women, work and families issues for individuals expected to hold high level positions in the Obama-Biden administration. We quickly assembled about 20 experts from the coalitions and partner groups we work with – and on Wednesday provided a synopsis of the priority quality jobs, benefits, affirmative action, education and training and core economic security issues that could be addressed in the early months of the new administration. Transition officials appeared impressed with our presentation and excited to have “action items” that the incoming team could implement." - Ann Kolker

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