Thursday, September 3, 2009

Parting Words from a WOW Intern

Alla interned for the Elder Economic Security Initiative for eight months and accomplished a great deal during her time at WOW. Read below to find out more!

My time at Wider Opportunities for Women has come to an end. I have been an Elder Economic Security Initiative Intern at WOW since January 2009. It has been a truly wonderful time, full of learning opportunities and new experiences.

One of my major projects involved developing the Elder Economic Security in Action!, an online platform to introduce the framework of elder economic security, provide a user-friendly outreach and educational instrument, and share promising practices. One of the core elements of this tool is a series of case stories that describe the successes that WOW and its partners have had, such as referencing self-sufficiency language in a bill or using the Elder Economic Security Standard™ Index to evaluate the impact of a senior housing program. Elder Economic Security In Action! is still a work in progress, and will be launched later this year.

Another project I was fortunate to work on deals with WOW’s international influence in Moscow, Russia. This project has been very exciting for me personally, because I was born and grew up in the Moscow region. Thanks to WOW’s Executive Director Joan Kuriansky’s longtime partnership with Olga Bessolova, President of the Russian Federation of Women Graduates and a member of Moscow City government, three separate reports were published that apply the framework behind the Family Economic Self-Sufficiency Standard in Moscow City, Russia.

Check out the new website on the Moscow Family Economic Self-Sufficiency Project to learn more and read some of the translated materials.

Finally, I also worked on creating issue briefs, such as an issue brief to promote the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Act of 2009. Additionally, I have been writing blog posts about the several issues. Check out my prior blog posts here on the National Elder Economic Security Initiative blog today!


kevin said...

Good luck with everything you will pursue in life, Alla! You have done fantastic work and I wish you all the best. -Kevin

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