Friday, May 1, 2009

"Blog About It" Featured on the Huffington Post

Our co-sponsor, the Coalition on Human needs, have their "Blog About It" post featured on the Huffington Post. Check it out!


Susan Rees said...

Thanks, Deborah for this well-researched piece. The federal role can't be stressed enough. I remember as a cub reporter covering community forums that led up to a White House Conference on Aging and passage of the initial Older Americans Act and Medicare. In my conservative home town, person after person got up and said it was the federal government that had to step up and make sure older folks' basic needs were met. Maybe it's time for another White House Conference on Aging, or economic security for people of all ages.

Stacy Sanders said...

As we reflect on elder economic security today, it's important to remember that aging issues are truly intergenerational. We must recognize that a person's pathways to economic security in his or her working years will significantly impact financial well-being in late life. So, let’s work together to advance program and policy change to promote economic security over the lifespan and assure that today’s and future generations of older adults are able to meet their basic needs!