Friday, May 1, 2009

What does elder economic security mean for Pennsylvania?

Our Pennsylvania partner, PathWays PA share their thoughts today on Pennsylvania's elders and what they need to make ends meet on their policy blog.

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Katharine Byer said...

What does elder economic security mean to you?

I think that elder economic security means the ability to take care of themselves. If elders are physically or mentally unable to take care of themselves, they can use their finances for support.

What do you need for a secure retirement?

Elders need to be educated about finances/the economy for themselves. They should not be fully dependent on other people for financial help (for fear of being taken advantage of). Set goals of what they envision their retirement to look like and then plan accordingly.

How has the economy affected yours or your family’s retirement?

The economy hasn't effect my family's retirement that much. Most of my older family members have already retired. My grandparents watch too much CNN and fear the worst. The ones who watch the news in moderation and understand that the upturn is coming are optimist.